Monday, June 28, 2010

Shamila Argentina

Shamila is the stage name of Virginia Chimichurri, a sexy actress from Argentina who works in Mexico since 1998. She is not well known in the southern country, but she is very popular in the Aztec land. Shamila studied theater and dance and worked in Argentina in television programs such as Detective de Señoras y la Pensión de Porota. She also worked in theater and was part of the musical group Los Angeles de Smith, a female band. She was also a dancer in the rock band of Miguel Mateos, (a very popular singer in the country) a cabaret star, and a model.

Shamila traveled to Australia, in 1992, where she participated in various shows and plays. When she returned to Argentina, she performed in the following comedy programs: ‘Los Benvenuto’, ‘La Revista de los Viernes’, ‘Los Machos’, ‘Un Hermano es un Hermano’ y ‘Chica Cósmica’, among others.

Shamila arrived to Mexico in '98. As she said in an interview, she left Argentina to escape from a six year relationship with a boyfriend. She also said: "I needed a change and came to Mexico. I think that is the Hollywood of Latin America, is the best shop window to show yourself. "

In Mexico, Shamila began working with the renowned comedian Hector Suarez in the program, ‘¿Qué nos Pasa?’ and then worked with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo in the program ‘Cero en Conducta’. In 1999, the actress joined the cast of ‘Humor es... los Comediantes’. In 2002, she participated in the program ¡Viva los niños! and in 2004 starred in 'La Escuelita VIP’. In 2007 she appeared in the TV series Amor Mio.

The Argentinean comedian became famous in Mexico due to her provocative look. Now she wants to lead a children's program in the style of the Brazilian Xuxa. Shamila is based in Mexico.

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