Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yahoo Mail in Argentina

Yahoo is much used in Argentina by users who have webmail accounts than for its search engine. In 2007 the Yahoo mail Argentina was updated and this attracted new users. Nowadays, Yahoo mail Argentina ( offers: unlimited storage, the ability to read the emails before opening them, a RSS news reader, enhanced security against spam and viruses, attachments, photo organizer, customizable filters, the ability to drag and drop folders, message searching, forms, colors, etc.

In addition, Yahoo mail users can chat with Windows Live Messenger users directly from the yahoo mail account, and from any computer without downloading any software. The advantage is the speed of responses since there is no need to use another browser window or to download a software.

What are other advantages of Yahoo mail Argentina?

1. You can customize the display format of the inbox and sent items. Yahoo mail lets you read messages before opening them. However, if you prefer something more sober you can opt for classic mode.

2. Do not worry about deleting old mails; Yahoo Mail has no storage limit.

3. The service has a Drafts folder to save messages you’re still working on. In case of a power cut, Yahoo mail will automatically save your message, so you won’t lose the information.

4 Yahoo Mail Argentina allows you to send an email from another account, such as Hotmail or Gmail. To do this you must set up the account by clicking in the link options (located at the top right).

5. The service also allows you to mark your messages with a small flag. It is a good option to keep order in the inbox and to filter messages.

6. You can send richly formatted emails or classic mails. With the first option, you can use colors, insert images and highlight titles.

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